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On November 12, 1954 the Jeep CJ-5 made its appearance. It is the first new model entered in the catalog since the acquisition of Willys by the group Kaiser Frazer in 1953. After the reign of the CJ-3 was born the CJ-5. Designed on the basis of the military Jeep M38A1 and a CJ-4 which was never commercialized, in 1954 the CJ-5 entered production and the line of CJ (Civilian Jeep) will carry out a career of almost 30 years. The CJ5 will be successful with more than 600,000 copies sold until 1983.

JEEP CJ5 1955

Sharp with a military past offering more comfort than the CJ-3 or CJ-4, it is differentiated by its softer forms and road behaviour more worthy of its orientation turned to leisure. During the first years, it will be equipped with the 2,2L Hurricane 4-cylinder petrol engine ( evolution of the “Go-Devil”). Lediesel also made his appearance with the Perkins 192 and later, the 3.6L V6 Dauntless (Buick 225) will give him muscle. But, the career of the CJ will find its apogee with the version equipped with the Vigilante 4,9L V8 (140 hp), which was installed on the first limited series aka Renegade¬† 1. Judged a little limited by the professional and loyal customers of Jeep, in 1956 the CJ-6 was launched. This offered the CJ5 a 20-inch (508 mm) long reach for a 101 inch (2.56 m) wheelbase. What a real Work horse for farmers in the Middle West. For best rv cover click here.

JEEP CJ5 1955

The success of the CJ5 was not only due to the warrior reputation of the Willys, it is also to the city that many VIPs chose the Jeep CJ. In her 30-year career, she can boast of having seduced Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan or Steve Mc Queen and, most recently, Ralph Lauren. A big old-fashioned car collector, this chic and casual fashion pope, photographed with his kids on a beach in Long Island (a suburb of New York’s north) is proof that today’s big SUVs are not enough to classify his man. If his is from 1976, a CJ5 from 1950 is better. It is with great respect that a beautiful morning the team of a workshop in the Paris region welcomes this CJ5 from 1955 for a review. In the midst of the last Wrangler JK who regularly attend the workshop, the family connection seems obvious. Our grandmother has imposed the Jeep genes and only the proportions have been revised upwards compared to the last born. On the other hand, under the bonnet if we do not give in the khaki, the Hurricane block version F4 was the heir to the Go Devil 2.2L 4 cylinder gasoline years of the conflict. The revision begins with traditional oil changes, belt changes, filters, spark plugs and carburettor adjustments. Then it is on the bridge that meets the CJ5 for oscillation in the rules of the art. the check up shows no weakness as much in the gearbox (Warner T90) as the transfer (Spicer M18). Just as on the bridges (Spicer 22 and 44-2), the draining done focuses on the brakes whose fittings are to be renewed. A glance at the direction and a complete lubrication done, our grandma’s septuagenarian and good for the service. Technical inspection without countervisite in sight. It is on the way a few hours before this imposed meeting that we take the path of schoolchildren with this CJ5.

 Stroll in the countryside

The driving position changes everything. No more Willys fighting, but the new standard of comfort of the Jeep of leisure towards which will tend the American automobile production after the conflict. If the comfort is still relative, it is with greater ease that begins this initiatory stride hair in the wind. Once the box T90 on his 3 ereport gives changes imperceptibly with a less blurred direction and when you have to stop braking, no more question of this feeling of draw left. The steering anchors are no longer those of the faithful Willys, making the road with a CJ5 is no longer a fight at every turn. On small paths, the behavior has not really changed, except for the flexibility of the suspensions. A good for our lumbar who has no counterpart when we consider the holding of course. As on road, this Jeep remains healthy and without giving in the great precision, no need to anticipate the beginning of a curve. With 71 hp and a torque of 15, 7 Mkg at 3,600 rpm, the CJ5 is capable of going anywhere with a featherweight of 1,072 kg.

This Jeep was a luxury in its time and after almost 30 years of career the CJ5 are now collector. The exceptional state of conservation of this original copy except for the addition of a winch makes it a rarity. The builders plates on the deck are alone a page of Jeep history. If your vehicle is left uncovered beneath excessive solar for an extended time frame the harsh UV rays may be extremely harmful for your cars paint paintings and indoors upholstery. There are also different risky factors that can be detrimental to your automobile consisting of storms, rain, hail, snow, fowl droppings simply to name a few. Right fine vehicle covers are a splendid way to guard your vehicle from those elements. Car covers also can be a awesome barrier from prying eyes and capacity thieves. Covered cars are typically bypassed by using thieves because they take a lot longer to get into then an exposed vehicle. When shopping for a automobile covers there are sure aspects you should look for. These encompass power, comfortable becoming, gentle fabric, breathability, UV resistance, water resistance among others. One of the great and maximum reliable manufacturers is EZ Cover. EZ Cover car covers are crafted from some of the most advanced material on the market. It is powerful and durable while it is micro-fibre base is very gentle to touch and could not scratch your motors exterior paint. This light-weight breathable cloth has been dealt with with a hundred% water evidence and UV coating. And is desirable for both indoor and outside use. Ez Cover additionally come with a reel in case that can be stored on your trunk at the same time as it remains attached to the duvet via string.


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